Saturday, September 24, 2011

Viking Ship Museum

One of the things Kristina and I were really looking forward to in Oslo was going to the Viking Ship Museum; it did not disappoint. It was situated in what seemed to be an old cathedral (yes, ironic), which was necessary due to the sheer size of the ships. There were three ships that have been recovered throughout the years though only two were really in tact. Archeologists have taken these from burial mounds around the Oslo fjord. Here is one of the main attractions (see how big it is):
Close-up of the prow of the ship:

This is the rudder, which was held to the ship by an intricately woven leather strap:

It was unbelievable how well-preserved the ships are:

On the far left is a sort of "burial room" that was onboard the ship:

The second major ship that was recovered belonged to either a minor queen or an aristocratic woman. Included in the ship were three beautifully carved wagons:

A close-up of the detail:

Some of the artifacts recovered from the ships were pretty unbelievable. For example, here is a dog collar and a couple of dog whistles:

Intricately carved sled, which was also a gift to the "queen":

This is what was described as an Asian-influenced character, which shows the expanse of the Viking trade routes:

This is an ale bowl:

Brass-plated horse harness:

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