Friday, October 9, 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Johannes -- One Month!

We have realized how little we remember of the details of Edith's first months, so this time we'll try write down more. The first month of Johannes' life has gone by very quickly. The first two weeks were hard, as we were dealing with newborn fussiness, hungry baby because of low milk supply, pregnancy hormones going crazy and just learning to live with a new baby. He did sleep a lot - took 3 hour naps in the swing every day - and still does, but now he has to be held to stay asleep. He may sleep for 30 or 45 minutes in the pram or the swing, but then he wakes up (reminds us of big sister who didn't take more than 30 minute naps until she was well over a year). Unlike Edith, he needs more sleep, so we have to hold him or put him in the sling so he stays asleep. At night he sleeps quite well though, usually eats 2-3 times. At his two weeks appointment he hadn't gained any weight, so we started supplementing more, which made him more content. Next appointment is on Thursday. He is a big, hungry boy though, so he still wants to eat a lot and very often. He got his first cold at three weeks. Thankfully it was a pretty mild one. This past week he has become much more alert, likes to look around, is focusing on faces now and has smiled a few times. He is content to lay on the floor and "play" with Edith for 10-15 minutes, which she is very excited about. Unfortunately, he has also had an upset tummy with a lot of gassiness lately, so now we're trying to figure out what's causing that. He was baptized at 8 days, which went really well. So far he's slept through all the church services, making it easier for Mama to learn how to wrangle two kids in the pew. Other than that, we've been out a few times; taking a few walks, going to the library and to the Friendship Festival in town this past Saturday. Johannes has been very good at these. Mama is feeling pretty good now, after battling lower back pain, UTI and a cold. Milk supply has increased some, but he still needs supplements. Fammo and Faffa were here for his birth, and Auntee came for the baptism. Now we are waiting for Mommo and Moffa to come and celebrate Christmas with us. We are so thankful for this little boy and so excited to watch him grow and become more alert.