Wednesday, December 25, 2013

More Christmas Pcitures

Baking day with friends and Fammo

Last week we had a fun baking day with our friends Kyle and Irene, and DoRena, Sarena, Emma and Jude. We made some carrot rolls, but most importantly, gingerbread houses. The kids had lots of fun decorating. We saved Edith's decorating until Fammo and Faffa got here, and everyone had just as much fun then. First time for both Fammo and Edith.

Christmas 2013

We are blessed to have Fammo and Faffa celebrating Christmas with us this year. We enjoy the company, the food, the gifts, and most importantly, the church services, and we give thanks to our Lord for taking on flesh and becoming one of us to save us.

Very exciting...

And the best gift: clothes hangers
Bästa presenten: klädhängare

Another favorite. She's been cooking for two days now.
En annan favorit - köket är i konstant användning.

Mammas favorit

Homemade saltcured salmon with a sweet mustard dill sauce. Delicious.
Hemlagad gravlax med dill-senapssås.

Christmas dinner: ham, Finnish carrot casserole and rutabaga casserole, orange spiced Christmas bread, salmon.

Open House and Sankta Lucia

We had an open house for the congregation a few Sundays ago with traditional Finnish/Swedish celebration of St Lucia, including glögg, ginger snaps and Lucia buns.

För några söndagar sedan hade vi öppet hus för församlingen och passade samtidigt på att fira Lucia med glögg, pepparkakor och lussebullar.

St. Lucia also visited us today, so Fammo and Faffa would get to see her.
Vi hade också besök av Lucia idag på juldagen, så att fammo och faffa skulle få se henne.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oklahoma City Zoo and Odoms visit!

When Faffa and Fammo came in August, we all went up the Oklahoma City Zoo:


Edith was pretty tired by the time we got to her favorite part, the elephants:

After the zoo, we toured Oklahoma City. Faffa had a beautiful new (diaper) bag:

Which he modeled very well:

Our final stop before heading home was the memorial site for the Oklahoma City Federal Building that was bombed in 1995. This a smaller memorial across the street that commemorates a Roman Catholic church that did not survive the explosion: