Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Edith - 8 months old!!!

Edith turned 8 months old yesterday. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Not impressed with my silly face:

Hanging out with the other monkey in the house:

We just tried to take some "official" 8 month pictures. This is the face that she made pretty much the entire time:

Taking a slight break: 

Even making the face while exiting the frame: 

Contemplating something deep:

This is what I got when I tried to surprise her: 

Then she tried to steal the camera:

and acted like nothing happened: 

The past couple of nights (especially last night) were much better with sleep. That one night with 4 and 5 hours were flukes. She then went into a nightmarish week of sleep. Today, though, she took two long naps. We'll see how tonight is. We're still having a bunch of fun with this little critter!
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Edith update

Last night Edith slept a four hour stretch AND A FIVE HOUR STRETCH. If you know our daughter, you probably think this is the set-up for a joke, but, no, it's reality. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ordination and Installation

Lots of pictures in this post. Sorry. Today I was ordained and installed as pastor of Grace Lutheran Church. Here is the processional with two of my friends from seminary, Don Welmer and Sam Wirgau:

Don Welmer, now Rev. Welmer, served as lector for the service:

My home pastor, Paul Harris, came up to preach. It was a great sermon:

Edith preferred playing on the floor:

The ordination:

Laying on hands:

Vested with stole and looking very serious!

Presiding at the Lord's Supper:

Greeting members after the service:

All of the participating pastors:

Don Welmer and Sam Wirgau, who served as lector:

Me and Pastor Harris:

My beautiful wife and Edith, who did great during the service:

All of the Odoms:

More pictures of Edith!

Edith has a couple of teeth an the verge of following the first tooth, so we're try various methods to soothe here pain. So far, her favorite methods are a carrot:

And an empty corn cob:

Thanks Aunt Leah and Uncle Butch for the nice shirt:

Famo and Fafa have been visiting for the ordination, and have had time to visit with their newest granddaughter:

She's a little skeptical of Fafa at frist:

But she quickly warmed up to him:

Our good friends Jud and Eugénie and their daughter Annabell came up from Austin for the ordination. Eugénie read a funny book to the girls:

Edith playing:

Famo and Auntee "borrowing" Edith's bibs to eat lunch:

Edith standing (sort of):


We had planned a week-long trip to Austin for some time, and were happy to finally get to do it. Though we were exhausted and left an unpacked house, we had a very restful and fun visit. Kristina finally got to meet some of my cousins, and experience a bit of Austin. Here we are at Lucy's fried chicken with James, Sandy, Sara, Elle, Auntee, and FaMo:

I turned 30 (!) while we were in Austin, so we all got together at my choice, El Chile. The Scot Hugheses joined the fun:

Merrill finally got to do some "babysittering":

Here's Edith playing at Auntee's house:

First trip to Ikea, having a ball:

Edith and her pretty momma: 

Sandy was a great babysitter too:

I also got to preach at Trinity in Austin, and Kristina finally got to see the church that she's a member of:

Pastor Harris doing a brief rite of Godspeed and Farewell to a Candidate for Ordination:

Friday, July 6, 2012

Texas bound

Vi var så trötta under resan till Texas, så vi kom tyvärr inte ihåg att ta många bilder, men här är de några vi har.

We were so tired during the trip down to Texas, that we forgot to take picture. Here are the few ones we have.

Fammo och Cecelia äter frukost i bilen. Lägg märke till haklapparna :).
Fammo and Cecelia eating breakfast. Note the cute bibs.... :)

Vi besökte Weslies vänner i Kansas City på vägen och sov två nätter hos dem. Det här är tyvärr det enda kortet vi har därifrån. Det är från en fin barnbokhandel nära deras hus, där de hade muminböcker och figurer.
We really did visit Weslie's friends from college, Graham and Meghan, although we don't have any pictures to prove it. This is the only one. It's from a very nice children's bookstore close to their house. There they had moomin books and these moomin figures. We were of course very excited to see that.

Nästan hemma:
Almost home: 

Burkburnett ligger några kilometer söder om gränsen mellan Texas och Oklahoma.
Burkburnett is only a few miles south of OK, so we got into TX just before we got into our new hometown. 

Weslie kollar posten för första gången (bilder av huset kommer snart):
Weslie is checking the mail for the first time at our new house (pictures of the house will come soonish): 

Första frukosten i vårt nya hem:
First breakfast in our new home: 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sju månader

Edith blev sju månader för nästan två veckor sedan, men vi har haft alltför mycket att göra så jag har inte hunnit blogga om det. Vi "firade" med att packa och flytta. Här är gumman i bilen på den långa resan till Texas. 

Edith turned seven months almost two weeks ago, but for obvious reasons we haven't had time to blog about  it. We "celebrated" by packing and moving... Here she is on the way to Texas, looking very cute, as always.