Wednesday, September 21, 2011


En perfekt dag ute i Göteborgs vackra skärgård. Solen sken och det var ca 20 grader. Vi njöt av en fin seglats, och stannade till på ön Knippla för picknick och bad.

One of the things we wanted to do while in Gothenburg was to go sailing with Kika and Martin on their sailboat. It was a beautiful day with perfect winds (not too strong) and sunshine. The archipelago is gorgeous and we stopped for picnic on an island, Knippla.

Martin is trying to get the engine to start so we would actually be able to get out of the marina...

Lukas is not afraid of boats...maybe even a bit too confident sometimes:

Our cute godson Adam:

Weslie, the master sailor:

Esther had a good time too:

On the island we found a "ljugarbänk", a bench were you would sit and tell your fishing stories...

On the highest point of Knippla, looking out toward the sea:
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