Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Resan till Göteborg

Efter två härliga månader i Finland åkte vi till Göteborg den 15 augusti för att se min "gamla hemstad", besöka Kika o Martin o barnen, och träffa vänner. Vi bestämde oss för att resa den långsamma vägen, med tåg, färja och tåg, eftersom det var billigare och Weslie aldrig hade åkt en stor passagerarfärja.

After two wonderful and relaxing months in Finland, we left for Gothenburg, Sweden, on Aug 15th, to visit my old hometown, where I lived for three years before moving to the US, and old friends there. Also, that is where my sister Carina and her family live, so we were very happy to be able to spend some more time with them. We decided to take the slow route there. We took the train from my parents' place to Åbo (Turku) in southwestern part of Finland, then the ferry between Åbo and Stockholm, and finally the train from Stockholm to Gothenburg. This was the first time Weslie has been on one of these big passenger ferries. We took the night ferry, which means we left at 9pm and arrived at 6.30am. We had a nice cabin to ourselves so we were able to get some sleep. We also got to see some of the beautiful archipelago outside of Åbo, so here are some pictures of that. The whole trip took about 21 hours (it would probably have taken 5-6 hours from door to door if we had been flying). It was very nice though, other than the fact that we had to haul all our luggage everywhere, since we were flying back to the States from Gothenburg.

On the top deck:

Lots of nice cabins on the islands that we passed:

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