Monday, June 18, 2012

Edith - A true child of Finland

Edith with Moffa:

Edith reading the newspaper with Mommo:

Edith getting ready for bedtime prayers:

Edith smiiiillliinnnggg:

Oh yeah, she can stand up now for quite some time: 

Suomi is Finnish for Finland:

Those red marks are mosquito bites…it wouldn't be summer in Finland without them: 

Edith playing with cousin Adam:

Joas, Adam, and Edith:
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mommo's 80th birthday

The first Sunday we were in Finland, we celebrated Kristina's Mommo's (mother's mother) 80th birthday. It was really a great day to get to see many people and have a good time.

Mirjam playing the piano with a little supervision:

Most of the Sundström clan:

These two are most certainly up to no good (Lukas and Aron):

Mirjam has had one too many bowls of beef soup:

Kristina's brother Patrik holding Edith and two of the world's most beautiful people:

Mommo and Hans, her oldest child (he's also Kristina's Godfather):

Kristina playing the organ:

The whole Ahola crew:

Lunch was beef soup, which is always good:

The cousins (~53 grandchildren) sang a song for Mommo:

Great-grandchildren also sing a song (~45 kiddos):

Mommo telling stories while looking at slides of old photos:

Kea, Kika, and Kristina sing a hymn for Mommo (it sounded great):

Dessert consisted of one of my favorites, strawberry cake:

Our nephew Edgar and Martina:

Esther being a little, little silly:

Look at those good-looking, happy people! We were exhausted at this point….

Mommo telling a little story:

The whole group:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

High school graduation

Paul's girlfriend Johanna graduated from high school this year, and we were invited to the party. For more info on the strange-looking cap, see here.

The cute couple (note Paul's matching tie):

Picture taken by Lukas, 5 yrs: 

Edith with uncle Joppi and Janina: 

Hannes does not like having his picture taken, just like his mother: 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


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First time flying

We have been in Finland two weeks already so it's about time to give you an update. The trip (16 hrs total) went pretty well. Edith didn't sleep much (about 4 hrs), but didn't cry much either, which we are very thankful for.

Ready to leave Ft Wayne:
Still in Ft Wayne:
Taking a nap in Stockholm. Only one more hour to go + plus 1 hr drive from the airport. Everyone is very tired...
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