Saturday, September 24, 2011


After about a week in Göteborg, we took a three day excursion to Oslo. Kristina booked an extremely nice bus for the trip over, which was about three hours. The seats were like first class, and there was even free WiFi:

We were invited to stay with some old friends of Kristina's, Linéa and Ruben, and their son Titus. They lived in an amazingly beautiful area on a mountain outside Olso. In their neighborhood, there are some unique Norwiegan-looking homes. Grass on the roof is a popular choice:

Check out those views:

There were a couple of mansions too:

Another unique home:

Mansion #2:

Ruben and Titus enjoying some quality time:

Last but not least, here is Linéa and Ruben's very beautiful home:

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