Sunday, August 26, 2012


Yesterday, my second youngest brother Joel got married to his Janina. It was a wonderful day with a beautiful couple.

The groom waiting for the church doors to open:

With our grandmother "mommo": 

Nieces and nephews attending:

Ivar, Ellen and Aron:


The bride and her father: 

You may recognize the church from our wedding celebration: 

The food was delicious. A three course meal with salmon tartar, beef tenderloin with potato gratin and bernaise sauce, and fruit salad with white chocolate mousse. Yummy! (Unfortunately the battery died so I didn't get pictures of everything.)

The evening ended with a romantic sunset and fireworks.

Finland again

So I'm in Finland again. This time only for a week - and by myself. I couldn't miss brother's wedding yesterday. I'm very happy to be here, to see my family again, but I really miss Weslie and Edith. I really wish they could be here, but it wasn't possible this time. Thanks to Fammo and Faffa, and aunt Cecelia who came out to Texas to help out while I'm gone. Here are some pictures from my visit here.

Edgar, Nadja and Hannes playing:

 Kika and her youngest son Adam:

Our youngest niece, Isabelle, 6 months (Dani's and Sofie's daughter): 

Dad, Tussi and Martina hanging out: 

Mom and Dad visiting Joppi's and Janina's new apartment: 

Mom and Dad recently sold their cabin and bought this nice motorhome instead: 

My brothers are avid hunters. The hunting season for seabird (mallards, Canada geese and the like) started last Monday. In a couple of days Mom had enough to cook a delicious dinner. It's been many years since I last had anything like this. Everyone was really sorry though that Weslie couldn't be here to taste it.

The finished meal, seabird in a creamy pepper sauce with mashed potatoes and salad:

Esther's got shorter hair now. She visited her big brother's (Lukas, 5) hairstudio recently. 

Our godson Adam (17 months) is a charmer: 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

9 månader

Vår underbara dotter är nio månader idag. Den senaste månaden har hon utvecklats med stormsteg. Hon har äntligen, efter lite sömnskola, börjat sova bra. Oftast är hon vaken en eller två gånger per natt, och några nätter har hon till och med sovit hela natten. Hon har fått nya tänder (totalt fem nu), och lärt sig att krypa och gå med stöd. Det betyder också att man får passa henne mycket mer. Hon hinner överallt och gör små hyss, och ramlar och slår sig mest hela tiden. Därav alla blåmärken och sår nedan. Man märker också att hon har börjat förstå vad man säger. Under den "officiella" fotosessionen var hon mycket allvarlig, det var svårt att få henne att le. Hon visste väl att mamma skulle åka bort följande dag. Grattis på nio månadersdagen, sötnos! Mamma saknar dig jättemycket!

Edith is nine months today. She has changed so much the last month. She is finally, after a little bit of sleep training, sleeping MUCH better. Usually she gets up once or twice per night, and has even slept through the night a couple of times. She's gotten more teeth, has a total of five now. She has also learned to crawl and walk with support, which means that she is getting around much more - doing things that she shouldn't and falling and hurting herself. See the pictures below. She is also babbling a lot more, making a lot of new sounds, and understands more of what we are saying. During the "official" photo session she was pretty serious. No big smiles this time. I think she knew mama was leaving her the next day... Happy nine months, sweetheart! I miss you so much and can't wait to hold you, hug you and kiss you again next Wednesday!

Faffa feeding Edith

From what I understand, this is the first time Wayne has fed a baby. He did a very nice job. He has yet to change her diaper though, but I don't think that will happen any time soon.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Edith standing and crawling.

We've had some problems uploading video to Blogger, so we have to imbed this via Vimeo:

DSC 0262 from W Odom on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Edith and more bread.

Edith is cute - true. Here is proof:

Look at those puppy-dog eyes:

Edith and Momma:

Bath time: 

Eating strings time:

Also, Kristina made a new sourdough rye bread recipe. I'll tell you soon how delicious I know it is: 
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