Sunday, November 24, 2013

Birthday gifts

Thank you Irene for the great birthday gift! The bracelets are so much fun, not to mention the wooden toys. She was chopping vegetables for hours last night..

Vinter i Texas

Den kom tidigt i år..

Friday, November 22, 2013

Chair restore update and and more!

Here's an update on the restoration of the four W.H. Gunlocke chairs we recently bought for next to nothing.


Fabric all stripped, ready for reupholstery and the wood ready for stripping and oiling:

We also recently (amazingly) found a Heywood Wakefield 952 table and two chairs for a real steal. We'll hopefully be able to sell our old IKEA table and chairs and break even (or maybe even make a little money):

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I think Edith has been watching her friends Sarena and Emma... :-) 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Edith reading...

..."Five little monkeys" and "Brown Bear" to her dolls and stuffed animals.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Saints' Day - Alla helgons dag

All Saints' Day is very different this year. Having a child in heaven does that, I guess. We've thought and talked about Matilda a lot these days, and we miss her so much. Today we went to the cemetery and worked on her gravesite, and according to Finnish tradition, left a burning candle on her grave.

Alla helgons dag är annorlunda i år. Det har varit en sorgens dag, då vi har pratat om Matilda, gråtit och saknat henne. Eftersom kyrkan här firar allhelgona först i morgon, tog vi oss idag tid att åka till hennes grav och göra den fin för vintern. Traditionen att tända ljus på graven finns inte riktigt här, så vi hade med oss några gravljus från Finland som vi tände.

Edith at her little sister's grave. She loves babies, and it's so sad that she doesn't get love her own baby sister.

Edith vid lillasysters grav. Hon älskar bebisar och det gör oss så ledsna att hon inte får lära känna och älska sin syster.

Cousin Aubri has inspired us to try to observe the feast day in the church also in our home by cooking traditional foods. So for supper, I made a beef stew and an Italian All Saints' Day bread. We lit a candle, had Matilda's picture on the table, and talked about her and our other loved ones in heaven; Weslie's dad's father and mom's parents, and my dad's parents and mom's father.

Inspirerade av Weslies kusin Aubri har vi börjat laga speciell mat kopplad till de olika högtiderna i kyrkoåret och använda dem som ett redskap att undervisa Edith om de stora händelserna. Idag hade jag lagat köttsoppa och italienskt 'allhelgonabröd'. Vi tände ljus, hade kort av Matilda på bordet, och pratade om henne och våra andra kära som flyttat hem (min moffa, faffa o fammo, Weslies faffa, moffa o mommo).

After supper we prayed and sang this beautiful Norwegian hymn, that we also sang at the funeral. It brings us to tears to think that our Matilda is now in that great, white host. We are so thankful that she is safely home with Jesus and not suffering anymore, but oh how we miss her...

Efter maten bad vi och sjöng 'Den stora vita skaran', precis som på begravningen. Tänk att Matilda är i den skaran nu! Vi är tacksamma att hon är tryggt hemma hos Jesus och inte behöver lida mer, men vi saknar henne så mycket.

Behold a host, arrayed in white,
Like thousand snow clad mountains bright,
With palms they stand. Who is this band
Before the throne of light?
These are the saints of glorious fame
Who from the great affliction came
And in the flood of Jesus’ blood
Are cleansed from guilt and shame.
They now serve God both day and night,
They sing their songs in endless light,
Their anthems ring as they all sing,
With angels shining bright.

Despised and scorned, they sojourned here;
But now, how glorious they appear!
Those martyrs stand a priestly band,
God’s throne forever near.
On earth they wept through bitter years,
Now God has wiped away their tears,
Transformed their strife to heav'nly life,
And freed them from their fears.
They now enjoy the Sabbath rest,
The heav'nly banquet of the blest;
The Lamb, their Lord, at festive board
Himself is Host and Guest.

O blessed saints in bright array,
Now safely home in endless day,
Extol the Lord, who with His Word
Sustained you on the way.
The steep and narrow path you trod,
You toiled and sowed the Word abroad.
Rejoice and bring your fruits and sing,
Before the throne of God.
The myriad angels raise their song,
O saints, sing with that happy throng.
Lift up one voice, let heav'n rejoice,
In our Redeemer's song!