Saturday, September 24, 2011

Norwegian Folk Museum

After the Viking Museum, Kristina and I headed over to the Norwegian Folk Museum. The "museum" was, in fact, an enormous compound of buildings gathered from around Norway by the king in the late 19th c. One neat feature was this English garden that was built in front of this house from the 18th c.:

An old barn from the 17th c.

One 15-16th c. farmsted house had a girl in period dress who was knitting the day away:

Another 17th c. barn:

There were also farms on the grounds that used only period methods of cultivation, etc.:

A 16th c. (?) storehouse. Notice how wide the logs are:

This was a really neat row of 15-16th c. farm houses and barns:

Notice the intricate carving and hardware. This was on a very simple farm house:

Again, see how big those logs are!

Men in period outfits gathering hay the oldfashioned way:

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