Thursday, September 22, 2011


Ännu en vacker dag i Göteborg. Vi gjorde en utflykt till det mysiga samhället Rönnäng på ön Tjörn. Jättefint område. Jag var nog mer ut i solen under de här dagarna i Göteborg än jag varit under hela sommaren, så jag fick en liten solbränna till sist.

On another beautiful day, we took a day trip to a little town, Rönnäng, on an island named Tjörn north of Göteborg. It was a wonderful, relaxing day, visiting with my sister and her family, hiking around in the town and enjoying the views.

This is actually the two of us, even if you barely can see us in the gray clothes against the gray rocks:

Lots of bright purple heather:

Hiking up to the highest point above the town gave us great views of Rönnäng and the surrounding archipelago:

Hakefjord, between mainland and Tjörn:

The bridge, Tjörnbron, between mainland and the islands. The old bridge was destroyed in 1980 when a ship hit it, killing 8 people who drove off the bridge.
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