Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sundströms go to the zoo (LONG POST - Now with working pictures!)

This past Sunday, the Sundströms (ALL of the Sundströms) went to the zoo for a really great afternoon. Kika and Martin and the kids are heading back to Sweden soon, so everyone thought it would be a great time to get everyone together.

Here is about half of the clan walking along:

or riding along:

Who looks the most excited here?

Yes, we had prams and carriages and pullcarts and strollers and just about anything else you can imagine to push or pull a child in:

I know, they're very cute:

Jopi showing Ivar the otters:

Free taxi! At least she's holding the map for papa:


And finally, here's the other half of the clan:

See what I said about the carts???

More otter viewing with Mofa:

Paul, Johanna, Janina, and (some of) the kids:

Kristina talking to Kea while getting a little practice on an Emmaljunga:

Hanna and Paul:

Wild cloudberry!

Up to no good?

This might be the winner for the day:

The obligatory ice cream stop. You can see just about everyone in this shot...they go alllll the way to the back table:

Little Skreeker:

Definitely up to no good!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sundströms go to the zoo (LONG POST) - Cookout!

After the trip to the zoo, we all went to a nearby beach for a cookout and some swimming:
Martin got to try out his birthday present, a muurikka:

This massive contraption is what is required to move the Grankulas around:

Ivar is SO STRONG!

Lukas is preparing himself mentally for the burger he's about to enjoy:

And now he's moved on to discussing politics with his cousins:

Muurikka in action!

Tina enjoying lunch:

Cool kids bench:

It was a really great day!
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The Sundströms go to the zoo (LONG POST) - Animal edition!

Neat carving of three bears:

The woods here are so beautiful:

Kristina assured me there were blueberries and lingon berries here:

Bison? Doesn't look like the right horns though:

Wild boar from Russia:


A raven!

Owl (awesome):

Let us pray:

Can you tell I like OWLS!?

European Elk:

More owls:


This bear was really cute...

And then it did this. If you click on this picture and then click it again, you can see very clearly that he is smiling...

The badgers were still very clearly upset about the 2011 Rose Bowl loss to TCU:

Wolf pack:

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The Sundströms go to the zoo (LONG POST) - Jumping Contest 2011

It's always a good time for a little competition. About halfway through the zoo, there was a "how far can you jump" sandpit...all of the Sundströms and their mates had a go.

Patten was first and probably won - it's debatable.

Jopi giving it a go:

Everyone had a chance, even Lukas:

Paul showing his might!

Martin going with the long lean maneuvor:

Dani has a go:

Possible winner???

Hannes has a great go:

Well...who wants to be a gazell when you can be a wolverine?!?!?!

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