Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bathroom update

The guest bathroom is about 95% done. This was originally going to be a simple job of taking down the wallpaper and painting. After my mom (Sylvia) worked for at least two days trying to get that stubborn stuff off of the wall with no end in sight, we put a hold on the project to decide what we'd do. In the meantime, we discovered termite damage in about 40% of the bathroom. Thankfully it was old termite damage and hadn't made it to the ceiling joists. We decided to sister in new studs and put in new sheetrock and cement board where the old tile in the shower was. 

We dismantled and refinished the old cabinets, put new handles in, and simply spray painted the old hinges ( We found this very nice sink in the "As is" section at IKEA for the price of a meal at a nice restaurant. IKEA even mailed us new plumbing for free, which wasn't included.

New tile on the floor:

Creepy guy in the shower:

New tile in the shower:

Now it's ready for Fammo!

Monday, August 11, 2014

More Alabama pictures

First Build-a-bear visit.

Cleaning Fammo's windows.

Fixing her hair.

Getting a back massage.

Aunt Leah & Uncle Butch

And visiting with Fammo's family at aunt Leah's and uncle Butch's house in Marion, AL.


We also went down to south Alabama to visit Faffa's family.

Hug and kiss from cousin Jacen.

Crocheting with Nana.

Hot Date in Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!)

Weslie and I went on a date to Tuscaloosa, home of the Alabama Crimson Tide (för alla er där hemma: Weslies favoritlag i amerikansk fotboll). We went to the football museum and walked around on campus and had a great lunch at the Avenue Pub.

Meeting Uncle Sean and Aunt Stephanie (finally!)

Edith and I finally had a chance to meet Weslie's brother and sister-in-law from California when they came on quick visit to Alabama. We were all very excited and hope to get to see them and their girls again soon.

Fun with Alabama cousins

And here are more pictures from our Alabama trip in June.

Edith writes her name...

Speaking of Finland...

Thanks to my generous parents, Edith and I will be going to Finland for three weeks in September. We are very excited but wish that Weslie would be able to come too.

Tack vare mina generösa föräldrar kommer Edith och jag att åka till Finland tre veckor i september. Det kommer att bli jätteroligt, även om kommer att sakna Weslie som måste stanna här och jobba.

Mera Finlandsgäster

A few weeks later we had more guests from Finland, a dear friend of mine, Ann-Sofi and her husband Botvid. Edith had lots of fun playing with them and we took them to Wichita Mountains in Lawton, OK, the prettiest place around here.

Några veckor senare hade återigen besök från Finland, våra kära vänner Ann-Sofi eller "tant Sofia" som Edith kallade henne, och Botvid. De var fantastiska lekkamrater tyckte Edith och var så ledsen när de åkte. Vi tog dem till Wichita Mountains ca 45 härifrån i Oklahoma. 

För er där hemma som tycker att hon liknar Nadja:

Den här gången råkade vi faktiskt få se bisonoxar här. Det är ett naturreservat, så de strövar vilt omkring.
We actually saw some buffalos this time:

 I have never seen a cactus blooming before. Pretty.
Jag har aldrig sett en blommande kaktus tidigare.

Lektion i fiske

Mommo & moffa