Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nio månader

Nio månader idag, älskade Matilda. Vad jag längtar efter dagen då jag får hålla dig igen.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Letter from Fammo

Yesterday Edith received a letter from Fammo with a picture of these two animals watching the moon. Edith and Fammo like doing that too, so this is nice reminder of her - and it makes Edith miss her even more. We've read the short letter and looked at the picture many, many times already.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


And one of the last days, we met some of my dear old friends, Kariina and Sofia.

More visiting

We also had time to visit my cousin Mia and her husband Hans in their beautiful old house. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures, but you can check out their blog Lufolkan. Edith was more interested in their dogs though. 

We also visited my brother Joel, his wife Janina and their dog Ebba and cat Saga.

Edith and Eliah

Edith really loved her baby cousin Eliah, who was four months at the time. She wanted to hug him and hold him all the time.

Moffa and Edith

Time to put up the last pictures from Finland. I know, it's been waayy too long...

Edith loved spending time with my parents, her beloved Mommo and Moffa. She was really upset when we left mom at the airport, and she still talks about going to see them almost every day since we got back.

Mammas hjälpreda

Edith älskar att hjälpa till på alla sätt hon kan, och tömma diskmaskinen är en av favoritsysselsättningarna. Det är det bästa sättet att distrahera henne från att göra sånt hon inte får.