Saturday, September 24, 2011

Johnny Appleseed Festival

One of the biggest events in Fort Wayne every year is the Johnny Appleseed Festival. Yes, Johnny Appleseed was an historic person, and was from Fort Wayne. The festival consists of a farmer's market, crafts, homemade foods, and antiques. Kristina and I went to the farmer's market first:
These green things are Swan Gourds:

Of course, there were TONS of apples, most of which we had never heard of before:

There were also little fruits and vegetables we had never seen:

Bulk spices:



We ended up with about 3 lbs. of apples, which didn't last long when we got home…ok, we both ate one about 2 min. after this picture was taken:

If you can't read the caption, it says, "Honey, we'se waitin' fo you-all in beautiful Florida" -73 (1873)

Fresh, camp apple cobbler in dutch ovens:

We couldn't resist. It was really phenomenal:

Johnny Appleseed memorial:


Revolutionary War guard:

Thousands of people in attendance:

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