Friday, July 23, 2010

Last two weeks in Finland

After our honeymoon we had two weeks left in Finland. Those two weeks we spent visiting with family and friends.

We visited my friend Linnea and Ruben in their little summer cottage.

Linnea with their son Titus.

We have two members in my immediate family who are entering the 30's this year; my brother-in-law Martin in July and my sister Mikaela in August. Also, my oldest niece Ellen turns 8 in the end of July. In addition, me and Weslie were about leave for the US and my sister Carina and her family for Sweden, so we decided to do a combined birthday/farewell party at my parents cabin.

It was a hot day (for Finland), 91 degrees, so almost everyone got in the water.

And of course, everyone admired the new addition to our family, my brother Patrik's second child, a boy named Edgar, who was born a few days before our wedding celebration.

We also took my nieces Ellen and Hannah to Rosenlund parsonage and garden.

The girls wanted to go to McDonald's, but we convinced them to go to the cafe on the grounds. The food there wasn't as delicious of course, but they graciously agreed to do it, for Weslie's sake. You can tell what Hannah is thinking though...

My brothers Daniel, Joel and Paul wanted to show Weslie some real go kart, so we went to a big outdoor track. We won't tell who won - or who came last... Weslie wants to say though that he did beat everyone in putt-putt golf :)

Weslie returned the favor and showed the boys how to throw and kick a football. I don't think we have to mention who was the champion in this game.

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  1. I must say I am quite disappointed at Weslie's go-kart performance. I would have thought all those years getting rammed into the tracks during youth group retreats would have prepared him better.

    However, he does have very impressive punting form.