Monday, July 19, 2010

Honeymoon, England VII - Canterbury Cathedral

On Saturday, the only cloudy day of our honeymoon, we were ready to take on Canterbury Cathedral. After a few rounds around the city of Canterbury in search for the Cathedral, we saw it! And what a view!! Now we only had to find parking space, which also proved to be a challenge. Saturday was evidently not the best day to go there - and especially not without a map, according to Kristina. Weslie just kept driving around between the round-abouts... But after some time we finally did find a parking garage, and we could head towards the Cathedral.


The entrance

After all the driving around we were too hungry to go inside immediately, so we sat down to enjoy some traditional English fish and chips and a nice view of the Cathedral. Weslie apologizes for his big belly, but he has been well fed in Finland.

The fish and chips and chips. Alright but not the best food we had during this trip.

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