Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hospitalskullen på Korpholmen

Häromdagen besökte vi hospitalskullen på Korpholmen i Kronoby, där man "skötte" spetälskapatienter och mentalvårdspatienter på 1600-1800-talet. En intressant men sorglig del av vår historia...

The other day we visited a an old leprosy colony and hospital close to my parents' house. Here people with leprosy (and later mental illness and other diseases) were sent during 1631-1841. They were treated very harshly, sometimes beaten to get the "evil" out of them. A sad part of our history... Everything was destroyed in the 19th century, but has recently been rebuilt according to old maps by the local historical society.

The chapel:

En brödstång i taket på ett av husen:
A stick on which the bread was dried and stored (the reason why we still have round bread with holes in the middle):

En isoleringscell:
This is what an isolation cell would look like. Inside it had only a bed to sleep on and a foot chain for the patients:

Insidan av kapellet. De som hade spetälska fick följa med gudstjänsten från ett bakre rum genom en liten glugg:
Inside the chapel. People with leprosy had to follow the service from a room behind the chapel, looking through a small hole in the wall:
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