Sunday, August 14, 2011

A big tree, a big rock, and an old building.

The other evening, the Sundströms took the Odoms on a very nice drive around the Pedersöre countryside. One destination was an old, massive pine tree:

The next destination was a HUGE boulder. This is the very pretty hicking trail that led to the boulder:

The white puffy stuff is called "lava". It's a staple in the diet of reindeer:

Close up:

Kristina in awe of the boulder:

Some very unique forest surrounding the boulder:

This picture doesn't really do the size of the boulder justice:

The final stop was a sort of summer grazing farm for cows that's been around since 1825. Notice the traditional fence in the foreground:

An old kitchen:

Two stables:

One of the rooms was plastered with newspapers that were decades old. Here is a clipping from Jakobstads Tidning announcing Kennedy's assassination:

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