Sunday, August 14, 2011


Last Wednesday, Kristina and I went to the yearly tradition in Finland known as bostadsmässan. It's a sort of builder's expo that changes cities every year and allows you to walk around and look at new building techniques, furniture designs, materials, etc. This year there were over 40 houses and apartments to view. It took all day.

Here is a view of the whole expo. It's a little different than in the U.S. in that all of these homes and apartments will actually be lived in and, in fact, most of them are already spoken for:

Interesting kitchen / living room:

Boy's room with neat bookshelf idea:

Apartment building:

Really neat table and chairs made out of raw wood:

Nice little grill:

This little girl's room had a wooden tea set that was amazing:

Noah's Ark:

Very comfortable looking chair:

Outdoor sauna with grass on top:

Another great chair:

One of our favorite houses:

Probably the neatest kid's room we saw:

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