Saturday, March 12, 2011

En ny systerson - a new nephew

Vi gläder oss med min syster och hennes familj, som igår fick en son till, Adam. Förlossningen gick bra, trots att det var en stor pojke. Vi ser fram emot att få träffa honom i sommar! Guds välsignelse till hela familjen.

Those of my American family who have met my sister Kika might like to hear the news that she had a baby boy, Adam, yesterday. The delivery went well, although he is a very big baby. Our family keeps growing - we are proud aunt and uncle to 12 nieces and nephews on my side, and 5 on Weslie's side. We can't wait to meet him!


  1. Wonderful news! And congratulations to all on this blessing! I really like that name, "Adam".

    Uh, and whachu mean "5" on Weslie's side? I count at least 8 (9)! My babies call y'all Uncle Weslie and Aunty Stina too!

  2. Yeah, you are right, Aubri. We were just talking about that. Sorry! I correct myself - we have over 20 nieces and nephews - and Lord willing we will get a lot more :).