Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas tree

On Monday we braved the fury of the elements (15 degrees, gusting winds with a wind chill of 5, and snow) and went to get our Christmas tree from a farm nearby. We found a beautiful Frasier fir, which Weslie quickly conquered...
Showing his great strength, he then carried the tree from the woods...
The tree was then bound, so it was easy to take home.
We are pretty happy with the outcome:


  1. Väldigt vacker gran! Och vilka fina tro, hopp, och kärlek Weslie fixat! Verkligen imponerande! Ett riktigt hantverk som inte vem som helst klarar av. Kanske han startar en egen produktion och börjar sälja till alla Jakobstads-bördiga over there. ;)

    H. Lufolkan

  2. well, it's not the ditch tree phil and I had for our first Christmas but it is cute. Just don't let Weslie burn it in the fire place after Christmas, that's probably not very safe....should we walk down that memory lane cuzzie? Ahhh, old Woodchase.

  3. wow, a real lumberjack ;) // paul