Friday, March 1, 2013


In the summer of 2009, Kristina and I started the long, long, long (expensive) process of making her a permanent legal resident. When she entered the country in 2010 this became a reality, but only for two years. In the midst of finishing seminary, call night, and moving, we had to do another round of paperwork in order to remove the "Conditional" status that she was under. It has been quite a long wait, but just today, Kristina received her "10 Year" card, which means that we don't have to deal with immigration headaches FOR 10 YEARS. I cannot express with enough excitement how much of a relief this is. A little ray of light through the dense clouds.

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  1. Grattis Kristina! Själv väntar jag som bäst på besked om mitt 10 års kort..