Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Matilda information

We thought some of you would be a bit more interested in some details about Matilda's condition. We know that most have been receiving bits and pieces, and may have been a bit shocked at how quickly she went from weekly OB visits to C-Section to surgery to serious condition to having no viable options to sustain her life. Kristina and I saw the ultrasounds every week, so it wasn't a big surprise to us though we can certainly say we're in a state of shock. 

Below is a picture of a normal newborn heart, which takes up about 30% of the chest cavity: 

And here is a picture of Matilda's heart taken about an hour or so after birth. Her heart was taking up about 80%-85% of her chest cavity:

Here is an ultrasound post-surgery (on the left):

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