Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ordination and Installation

Lots of pictures in this post. Sorry. Today I was ordained and installed as pastor of Grace Lutheran Church. Here is the processional with two of my friends from seminary, Don Welmer and Sam Wirgau:

Don Welmer, now Rev. Welmer, served as lector for the service:

My home pastor, Paul Harris, came up to preach. It was a great sermon:

Edith preferred playing on the floor:

The ordination:

Laying on hands:

Vested with stole and looking very serious!

Presiding at the Lord's Supper:

Greeting members after the service:

All of the participating pastors:

Don Welmer and Sam Wirgau, who served as lector:

Me and Pastor Harris:

My beautiful wife and Edith, who did great during the service:

All of the Odoms:

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