Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family day at the cabin

On one of our last days in Finland we had a family day at the cabin. It was wonderful to spend time with my dear family, even if it was kind of cold and there were lots of mosquitoes. 

Edith and Moffa:

Edith and Mommo: 

Martin, Patten and Mirjam: 

My parents have extended the deck, which was very nice. Lots of space for everybody. 

Other than visiting and eating good food, fishing was one of the main events: 

Tussi and Edgar: 

Ivar is avid fisherman: 

Boating on dry land works fine too. Here's Elis, Esther, Hannes, Hannah and Joas: 

Edith with one of her godfathers, Paul and his girlfriend Johanna: 

Best friends, Lukas and Aron. Unfortunately they only see each other a couple of times a year, since Lukas lives in Sweden. 

Joas is rock climbing. 

The happy couple, Joppi and Janina. They just got engaged and are getting married on August 25th. Thanks to my parents, I will be able to attend the wedding. Unfortunately, Weslie and Edith can't make it, but I'm thankful that I am able to go. 

The biggest catch of the day: 

Tussi - and his fish - has lots of admirerers: 

Nadja and Hannes are best friends, although you might not be able to tell if you listened to them. Hannes was trying to catch his first fish, while Nadja kept saying "Hannes can't catch a fish...". 

My dear mother had a knee replacement surgery while we were there. She is slowly recovering and doing pretty good now. Here with my sister-in-law Martina. 

Edith with all of her 14 cousins. Top row from left: Hannah (5 years), Nadja (4), Mirjam (1) with Aron (7), Isabelle (4 months) with Ellen (10), Edith (7 mo) with Ivar (8), Esther (3). Bottom row from left: Edgar (2), Elis (4), Hannes (4), Joas (2), Lukas (5) and Adam (1). I love my nieces and nephews and miss them very much!

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