Sunday, July 15, 2012

More pictures of Edith!

Edith has a couple of teeth an the verge of following the first tooth, so we're try various methods to soothe here pain. So far, her favorite methods are a carrot:

And an empty corn cob:

Thanks Aunt Leah and Uncle Butch for the nice shirt:

Famo and Fafa have been visiting for the ordination, and have had time to visit with their newest granddaughter:

She's a little skeptical of Fafa at frist:

But she quickly warmed up to him:

Our good friends Jud and Eugénie and their daughter Annabell came up from Austin for the ordination. Eugénie read a funny book to the girls:

Edith playing:

Famo and Auntee "borrowing" Edith's bibs to eat lunch:

Edith standing (sort of):

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