Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day trip - Pittsburgh

Last Monday, Kristina and I decided to take a day trip to Pittsburgh to check out some of the city's neighborhoods and try and find some inexpensive spices we can't get in Butler.

We parked just down from the Heinz museum (very nice, clean bathrooms).

Our main goal was to see "The Strip", which is a large multi-ethnic neighborhood. We couldn't resist the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company (est. 1902). They had a huge, huge cheese and meat selection...however, no money equals no purchase! Just drooling.

Next, we went into a big chocolate and candy store. Kristina zeroed in on this authentic Finnish licorice. Ugh...

Here is the rest of the store, which I was much more interested in.

On our way to see First Trinity Evangelical Lutheran, we happened upon Finland St.!

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