Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother of the House

Because of the last two years, Mother's Day can be a somewhat difficult day around our house. In spite of this, I am taking the time here to thank my wife, Kristina, for being a model of a godly, loving mother.

- She knows her weaknesses, and through them constantly teaches Edith about repentance and forgiveness.

- She sacrifices her desires for the needs of our children.

- She marvels at Edith and that child loves her without end.

- She teaches, cleans, cooks, plans, organizes, loves, and cares everyday.

- She makes me want to be a better father.

My wife is not perfect and she knows it, but she is a joy to be a parent with and I love her very much and thank God for giving our family such an unbelievably fantastic woman, wife, and mother.

I love you dear heart. Happy Mother's Day.

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