Friday, August 9, 2013

Still Alive

We are still alive, and trying to enjoy our last days here in Finland, while struggling with a lingering bad cold. Edith has had lots of fun with her cousins and beloved Mommo and Moffa, but she's also had a rough time with jetlag and a cold and cough for two weeks. Today we had to take her to a doctor, after she got a high fever last night. Turns out she has an ear infection, so now she is on an antibiotic. We are so thankful we found out now and we pray that she'll recover quickly, so that our return trip on Monday goes well. Weslie has also been sick for a week now, and I have just recovered from my cold. Despite this we enjoy visiting with family and friends. 
The weather has been nice and cool from a Texas standpoint, low of 55 and high of 80. Once again, we should have brought a bit more clothes. I think I have been gone for too long, I have forgotten how cool the Finnish summers can be. Here are some pictures from our time here.

Meeting family and friends at the summer fest of my little hometown, Lepplax.

Enjoying Mommo's delicious food (while watching Moomin on her ipad...)

Swimming in the cool waters of gulf of Bothnia

Playing with cousins.

Eating blueberries. All you have to do is step outside the door and there are lots and lots of delicious blueberries.

Free to run around everywhere - no poisonous snakes (well, there's one but it doesn't kill you) or spiders or scorpions.

Edith and Isabelle

The cousins - hard to get them all to cooperate (one is laying on the floor, crying to the right).

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