Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Suffering and comfort

"Let me tell you what you can expect to run into if God brings great suffering into your life. Expect an 'explanatory space,' a barrier around us suffering and grieving people where talk about God's incarnation and presence and love seem irrelevant. These articles of faith are relevant, of course. Very relevant. But they seem useless. Looking down on your daughter's coffin, everything seems useless. And for far longer than you may imagine." (Gregory Schulz: The Problem of Suffering; A Father's Hope)

Yes, indeed.


  1. There is just a feeling that is so insurmountable when you stand next to your child's coffin, or later at your child's grave. I know that we all have an unstoppable faith in God, but there are times like these when everything does seem useless because we feel so lost without our children.

    Prayers of peace and comfort continue for your family

  2. Wes and Kristina,

    We continue to pray for you both and for Edith too. I cannot imagine the pain that you are going through, but know it must be nearly debilitating. May Christ give you hope and sustain you as you grieve.