Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lot's of Edith pictures!

Again, sorry for the lack of updates recently. Edith hasn't been sleeping well, so the days have been pretty much "survival mode" for Kristina, and I've been pretty busy with classes. The last few days have been better though. As a result, here are a ton of pictures from the past weeks!

Looking cute:

When she looks at a book, she usually screams the entire time:

Two weeks ago, we had our friends Cyndy, Andrea, Kirsten, and Alyssa over for lunch. Everyone took a turn holding Edith:

No comment on that big, blue belly:

I thought this would make a good picture, but Edith was clearly not impressed:

90% cute:

1,000,000 % CUTE:

As I said, she hasn't been sleeping well...we both have puffy eyes (Roll Tide):

Getting ready to go to church:

Not quite ready to go:


We've taken a break with solid foods, but here we are in the hay days:

Kristina with the sling, which Edith has started liking again:

She did really well the first couple of days, and then decided that she had had enough:

She never did get around to chopping that cabbage:

This was the one day we let her do her own hair:


Also, Edith can read now...well...not quite, but pretty close:


  1. Thanks for the pictures and keeping us allupdated Wes. Edith is precious!

  2. en söt liten tjockis!! :-) Hon kan sluta växa nu så vi hinner se en baby i maj.

    Hälsar moster Kika