Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sundströms go to the zoo (LONG POST - Now with working pictures!)

This past Sunday, the Sundströms (ALL of the Sundströms) went to the zoo for a really great afternoon. Kika and Martin and the kids are heading back to Sweden soon, so everyone thought it would be a great time to get everyone together.

Here is about half of the clan walking along:

or riding along:

Who looks the most excited here?

Yes, we had prams and carriages and pullcarts and strollers and just about anything else you can imagine to push or pull a child in:

I know, they're very cute:

Jopi showing Ivar the otters:

Free taxi! At least she's holding the map for papa:


And finally, here's the other half of the clan:

See what I said about the carts???

More otter viewing with Mofa:

Paul, Johanna, Janina, and (some of) the kids:

Kristina talking to Kea while getting a little practice on an Emmaljunga:

Hanna and Paul:

Wild cloudberry!

Up to no good?

This might be the winner for the day:

The obligatory ice cream stop. You can see just about everyone in this shot...they go alllll the way to the back table:

Little Skreeker:

Definitely up to no good!

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