Sunday, July 3, 2011

Corpus Christi - Scandinavia House edition!

Dr. Chris Barnekov has, over the years, opened his home to students from Scandinavia studying at Concordia Theological Seminary. He also hosts many great gatherings there, so that the Scandinavia House, through Dr. Barnekov, has become an important artery for communication between confessional Lutheranism in Scandinavia and America. Kristina and I are happy to call Chris a friend. We think he'll be proud of some of his former tenants!

Markus Pöyry preaching while Jacob Corzine (CTS alumni currently working on PhD at Humbolt University in Berlin) translates:

Jakob Appell leads the liturgy while Daniel Brandt (currently studying for a STM at CTS and staying at Scandinavia House) waits to preach:

Daniel Brandt preaches a great sermon I Pet. 2:

Timo Laato preaches while Esko Murto, acting Theological Secretary of the Luther Foundation, translates from Finnish:

Markus leading the liturgy:

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