Monday, September 14, 2015

Baptized into Christ -- Johannes Odom

Today, Johannes was Baptized by the water and the Word, and made a child of God.

Here's mamma and chunky beforehand:

During the Baptism:

Thankful family:

Sam and DoRena Wirgau, along with Carina and Martin Ventin, are Johannes' baptismal sponsors. We're very thankful to have godly, pious friends and family to pray for and set examples for Johannes. Here's DoRena holding Johannes while all of the kids squiggle around:

All of us, all with the squiggles:

Johannes was baptized in the gown that Kristina, her siblings, and their children have all been baptized in! We'll send this back to Finland to await the baptism of the next Sundström, Lord willing.

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