Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Edith!!!

 Sorry it took so long to get pictures of Edith's birthday party up. We started the day with pancakes and scrambled eggs:

Edith opening a gift from Mamma and Pappa:

Gifts from Finland:

Including Moomin pants:

"Helping" make her birthday cake:

Edith's friends, Sorena, Jude, and Emma came over:

As did her friend Irene! Oh, and Richard and Kyle:

Back to the piano:

Our friends, Sandy and Don Lucia, who watch Edith often, and Sam and DoRena came over:

A bathrobe from Fammo:

Blowing out 2 (!) candles:

And the best gift...ballons:


  1. Happy Birthday Edith. I love the picture of Kristina and Edith blowing out the candles. Looks like a very happy day, filled with lots of love.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Glad to see you had a fun day!

  3. A very happy birthday to the little Edith! Picture captures the specialness of the occasion perfectly. Many happy returns of the day! I am also looking to find a good LA venue for my daughter’s birthday. Do you have any suggestions for me?