Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mommo's 80th birthday

The first Sunday we were in Finland, we celebrated Kristina's Mommo's (mother's mother) 80th birthday. It was really a great day to get to see many people and have a good time.

Mirjam playing the piano with a little supervision:

Most of the Sundström clan:

These two are most certainly up to no good (Lukas and Aron):

Mirjam has had one too many bowls of beef soup:

Kristina's brother Patrik holding Edith and two of the world's most beautiful people:

Mommo and Hans, her oldest child (he's also Kristina's Godfather):

Kristina playing the organ:

The whole Ahola crew:

Lunch was beef soup, which is always good:

The cousins (~53 grandchildren) sang a song for Mommo:

Great-grandchildren also sing a song (~45 kiddos):

Mommo telling stories while looking at slides of old photos:

Kea, Kika, and Kristina sing a hymn for Mommo (it sounded great):

Dessert consisted of one of my favorites, strawberry cake:

Our nephew Edgar and Martina:

Esther being a little, little silly:

Look at those good-looking, happy people! We were exhausted at this point….

Mommo telling a little story:

The whole group:

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