Monday, January 23, 2012

Two months

Today Edith is two months old, which is quite a landmark for a little baby. We're convinced that she's extremely advanced. She can make little spit bubbles, swat at toys that she knows make noise, roll over when she has "tummy time", smile on cue, laugh, and all other kinds of great things except, of course, change her own diaper, etc. We had the two month check-up today, and she is 10.11 lbs (4850 g.), 22 3/4 '' (56.5 cm), and her head was 15'' in circumferance. So, she's gaining weight really well and is pretty long (68th percentile so they say). Most importantly she's really cute. Thanks all of the Sundströms for the sweet outfit:

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  1. Hon är verkligen supersöt!! Hade varit så roligt att se henne....:(